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Magic CPR – All in One Indicator

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Trade from charts

If you are familiar with Zerodha’s trading terminal, Kite, you probably know that you can choose to analyze stock/index charts either on Tradingview or on ChartIQ. These two charting platforms are probably the most powerful charting engines to analyze charts. As a customer of Zerodha, you have access to both these platforms without having to pay for it.

ChartIQ recently had an update, and with this update, there are many cool indicators and studies that you can use. Let me list a few –

  • Candlestick Patterns
  • Stochastic RSI
  • RSI divergence
  • MACD divergence
  • Stochastic divergence
  • Central pivot range (CPR)
  • Trade from chart


Leega Indicator
Leega CPR Indicator

Release Notes:
Many changes have been made in LeeGa’s CPR Indicator in this new release of 2023 :

1. Option to choose Yearly & Monthly CPR for long term analysis particularly for investing and swing trading purposes– choose option “12M” or “M’ in the CPR Timeframe Dropdown under Indicator settings. Preferred timeframe for Swing trading is 30 Mins & weekly candles for long term investing.

2. You Can now choose Exponential and Simple Moving Average – Default MA is SMA but you can select EMA as per your trading preference

3. You have option to choose three Moving Averages at a time – the options you have are 8, 20, 50, 100 and 200 Time-period.

4. Camarilla Pivots have been added for better analysis

5. Now you can choose to see CPRs, Support Levels and Resistance Levels separately for uncluttered and sleek chart layout for better analysis

1 review for Magic CPR – All in One Indicator

  1. Leega (verified owner)

    I really likes it. Its a very good indicator

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Will the access be denied in future?

The access of Indicator is for Lifetime. This fees will be charged only once and you will get lifetime access of the indicator without any hassle. 

Is there any renewal fees for the indicators ?

No, there is no renewal fees for accessing the indicator in the future. You just have to pay one time access fees and you can access the indicator for lifetime. 

How will I get the Premium settings for Indicators ?

Once you make the payment for the indicator, upon successful purchase, you will get a link and a document to download which will have all the necessary steps and instructions for right settings.

Is there a Video Guide for Settings?

Sorry, we don't have a video guide specifically for every indicator. You will definitely get a Instruction document regarding how to access the indicator Downloadabe from "My Account". There are videos available on my Youtube channel "LeeGa Finalysi" on different Indicator's features and settings.

Do I need to have a Paid Tradingview Account to access the indicators ?

No, you don't need to have a paid account on the Tradingview to access the Indicator. With just a Basic account you can use it without any difficulty. just follow the instructions. 

Can I get the Refund ?

Please be aware that no refund or transfer policy is there for this product. Once purchased, there will be no refund issued.

If I Buy your Pro indicator now, will I get a Discount in your Pro Webinar?

You can avail the Coupon code discount of Rs. 500 on my Pro Webinar if you are my Youtube Subscriber. Otherwise, there is no additional discount if you have bought just one indicator (since you have already used it). Only if you have purchased the 3-in-1 Indicator, you will get additional discount of Rs. 500 (Max. Total of Rs. 1000 with or without Coupon)

Can I share the indicators with others or on social media platforms ?

This indicator is a copyright product of LeeGa Finanlysis hence can't be publically circulated without prior consent. Any such offence may incur legal actions. This indicator is just for you to access, you can access it as many times as you want but no sharing is allowed. However highlighting your experience on social media is always welcome.


As mentioned, This indicator is a copyright product of LeeGa Finanlysis hence can't be publically circulated without prior consent. If you are found publicly circulating the indicator or any part of pro webinar, you will be permanently barred from using any of the LeeGa products. You may not be able to access it again, even if you have paid for it. In extreme cases, you may incur even legal action.

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