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Our intricately designed Products and Services aim at transcending you towards the goal of financial independence. We aspire to equip you with right knowledge and skill set so that you would be able to make right decision independently with great confidence

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What We Do

By Joining us, you are signing up for a complete journey from being a beginner to becoming someone who is fully confident and on the right path of achieving financial independence. With our library of resources in the form of Learning Videos, Reading Materials, Useful indicators, Downloadable free resources, Free and Pro Webinars we provide you a 360 Degree approach towards understanding and mastering the intricacies of Market. We guide you and Hand-hold you in your initial stages until you are ready to dive deeper and independently into sea of capital market. With our specially curated product and services we assist you at every stage of your growth journey so that you can write your own SUCCESS STORY someday. That will be our BEST Moment.

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Our Journey

In our short journey, We have touched upon lives of thousands of users, supporters and subscribers. We proudly announce that today there are more than 10,000 Happy users who have benefitted not just in India but across the Globe. We have featured in top media coverage and are growing by leaps and bounds. With your Support and Love we will reach our goal of becoming one of the best Financial services firms in future.

Leega Team

Team LeeGa

We are a team of highly motivated individuals with an aim at providing high quality product and services for achieving your financial independence at the earliest. Our team comprises of members who are highly qualified and have pedagogy from amongst the Best universities of India and abroad. Some worthy mentions are: PhD from IIT Delhi and NSIT, MBA from IIMs, Btech from BITS and NSIT. Members have years of experience in MNCs which they  have tried to encapsulate them into our specially curated products and services.

Our Founder & CEO, has done MBA from one the top IIMs and B.tech from BITS. In his 17 years of professional career, he has been associated with some of the top MNCs of the World. Since 2014, he has been completely involved in the field of  financial product and services. He has articulately packaged his entire experience into his signature webinars and indicators. Their efficacy has been meticulously tested and proven before presenting it to you all. 

Let's Work Together

In our constant endeavour to improve our product and services, we strive hard to pay details to minutest details. We seek your valuable association in improving ouselves constantly. Your positive feedback and encouragement will help LeeGa grow by leaps and bounds. Get in touch for query, suggestion or advice. We will be more than happy to to hear from you.

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