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01. Getting Strarted
This section deals with guiding you about the content of the course. What will you learn from the course and your learning Objectives. It will give you access to your FREE CPR Pro Indicator on TradinView and it will also guide you Step-by-Step on How to access the indicator, Its important settings and also How to use it
02. Introduction to Price Action
Price Action is one of the most effective strategies that have stood the test of time in this ever dynamic Stock Market. Several Indicators and strategies works well for sometime in the market then tehy turn ineffective with time. However, One strategy that has been evergreen is Price Action Strategy (PAS). This Section will touch upon the basic components on PAS and explain its Basics and usage.
CPR Based Price Action Strategy – Basics to Advance
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Know the course content and the learning Objectives of this 4.5 Hr Long On-Demand Video Course on Price Action Strategy. You will know complete Brekdown of the learning course with its duration details. What you will learn and what additional benefits will you get along with this course.

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